Gun Control Petition from Democracy for America

Democracy for America Gun control petition worded as follows

As a nation we mourn for the 27 lives lost in Newtown, Connecticut last week. But our grief must drive us to prevent future tragedies.

It is clear there are plans to introduce legislation in the Senate this week that would again ban semi-automatic weapons along with the high-capacity magazines that feed them. Now is the time to pass this life-saving measure.

The killers in Newtown, Aurora and Tucson all used semi-automatic weapons — guns designed to kill people as quickly as possible. These are not guns designed for hunting game — they should not be available for sale.

As Senator Feinstein said, “We should be outraged by how easy it is for the perpetrators of these horrific crimes to purchase powerful weapons. As a nation, it’s time we engage in a sane conversation about the proliferation of guns in our society.”

We agree. Now is the time.

We demand the immediate passage of an assault weapons ban.